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A Teacher and Community Leader for AZ State House

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Why I'm Running

I spent most of my career as an elementary school teacher right here in Phoenix. The state of Arizona’s public school system isn’t providing our children with everything they need to succeed. I knew I had to get involved when part of my ceiling collapsed over a rug full of kindergarteners.

And that's why I ran the State House—to change the state of education and protect our students. And that's why I ran for the State House—to change the state of education and protect our students. As a state legislator, I have continued my commitment to Arizona’s students – fighting for real investments in our schools and for new laws to keep students safe in the classroom. I’m running to build on our progress – and I hope you'll join me.

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Education is Key

As a public school teacher for nearly a decade, I want to keep working for an Arizona where public schools receive the resources that our kids deserve. The funding that our kids deserve.

Our Water Future is Secure

Arizona is in the middle of a historic mega-drought, which is looming over much of the Southwest. This crisis has reached a critical juncture, and it requires immediate action from Arizona leaders.

Voting is a Right

Over the past few years, we’ve seen efforts to undermine confidence in our elections. The result is mistrust in our voting process and threats to our elections officials and the electoral process. All eligible Arizona voters have a right to cast their ballot securely and easily. 

Citizens are Safe from Gun Violence

Gun violence has torn apart families, neighborhoods, and school communities for decades here in Arizona. It has touched countless lives – leaving an impact that lasts a lifetime. As someone who has been directly impacted by a violent act involving a gun – this fight is personal.

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