Hi! I'm Laura Terech.

A teacher, community organizer, and candidate for AZ State House.

Join us for a canvass!


Why I'm Running

I spent most of my career as an elementary school teacher right here in Phoenix. I had been in the classroom for a few years when I started getting frustrated with Arizona’s public school system.


The true epiphany came when part of my ceiling collapsed over a rug full of kindergartners. I was able to shield the children, so thankfully I was the only one injured. This is the state of education in Arizona.


And that's why I'm running for the State House—to change the state of education and protect our students. I hope you'll join me.


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 My vision for our state 


I want to keep working for an Arizona where public schools receive the funding that our kids deserve. Our state doesn’t have to be at the bottom of the country for things like student achievement, class size, and teacher salary. 

When we invest in our schools, we invest the strength of our state and our economy.


It's imperative that we protect access to the ballot box. All voters in Arizona have a right to cast their ballot securely and easily, whether that’s by mail or at the polls.

We need to ensure that right is protected with action in the legislature.


Healthcare access and insurance have become unsustainable. I know firsthand how debilitating a health issue can be, and the struggle to keep afloat under a mountain of bills. 

In Arizona, we can take simple steps to keep healthcare accessible including expanding qualifications for AHCCCS, protecting assets from debt collectors, and limiting surprise billing from insurers.


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