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Laura's Vision

My vision for our state is an Arizona where Education is Key, Voting is a Right, and Health Care is Accessible.



Education is Key

As a public school teacher for nearly a decade, I want to keep working for an Arizona where public schools receive the funding that our kids deserve. Our state doesn’t have to be at the bottom of the country for things like student achievement, class size, and teacher salary. 

We can invest much more in our schools, our students, and our teachers.


Voting is a Right

It's imperative that we protect access to the ballot box. All voters in Arizona have a right to cast their ballot securely and easily, whether that’s by mail or at the polls. We need to make sure that right is protected with action in the legislature.

Currently, I work with two nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations. One is focused on removing unnecessary, burdensome barriers to the ballot box, and the other focuses on helping Arizonans make their voices heard at the legislature. 


Reproductive Healthcare

Abortion and reproductive health care have been under attack in Arizona for decades, including during this last session when a Mississippi-style abortion ban passed the legislature. Restrictions on abortion are responsible for more than $2 million in economic losses per year.


Abortion and reproductive freedom are essential parts of healthcare. The freedom to choose when, whether, and how to grow your family should be accessible to all Arizonans should be accessible to all Arizonans. That’s why I’ve spent years fighting for women’s issues through my advocacy with the National Organization for Women.


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